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Spiritual AIM

Spiritual AIM • Brand, Website, Digital Toolkit Development

Spiritual Aim Logo - Turquoise and blue serif type with sunrise icon above

Spiritual AIM is a dynamic, evidence-based assessment model helping chaplains, counselors, and health providers meet the spiritual needs of their patients in a variety of settings.

Our Role
In partnership with the Spiritual AIM team at the University of California, San Diego and Stanford University, SCP crafted a unique brand identity, developed a website, designed a Spiritual AIM toolkit, and supported media outreach to help broadly disseminate this innovative model.

With its distinctive new graphic identity and attractive digital products, Spiritual AIM has engaged hundreds of new users of the model and promoted greater awareness about this dynamic approach to spiritual care in health care and other settings.

Our Work
Listen to a GeriPal podcast interview with Allison Kestenbuam, one of the founders of Spiritual AIM here.

Screen shot of Spiritual AIM website

Spiritual AIM Website

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Spiritual AIM Newsletter

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