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Credible, evidence-based information and messages are critical to policy debates, from climate change to dementia care. Communication is an act of translation – in this case transforming technical research and analysis into communications “products” tailored to the audiences responsible for shaping policy or improving practice.

For many years, SCP has worked closely with leading academic and scientific leaders to develop and implement research-driven communications campaigns that reach policymakers, health and service providers, and other non-expert audiences.

Our Research to Impact process kicks off with a half-day or full day workshop, to introduce a strategic communications mindset to your team. In person or over Zoom, we help you define the right goals, develop objectives, and create compelling messages that resonate with audiences.

Then, with your input, we co-design thoughtful, cost-effective tactics that form part of a larger communications campaign. These may include:

Policy briefs
Op-ed development and placement
Testimony prep
Media outreach
Social media engagement
Data visualizations
Websites and microsites

Contact us at to learn more about how to take you and your team from Research to Impact.

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